Additional Services

As your local financial partner, we do our best to make banking as easy and convenient as possible for you. Our additional banking resources and tools are here to help you succeed no matter what your financial goals are, so whether you need a safe deposit box to provide extra security, or need 24/7 access to your accounts, we have the tools and resources to help you bank the way you want.

Telephone Banking

Get 24/7 access to all your accounts, even when no computer is in sight. Simply call the toll-free number and enter your security PIN.

  • Free, real time access to accounts
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Check account balances and review account histories
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan or line of credit payments
  • Make draws on your line of credit
  • First Phone Telephone Numbers
    • (800) 434-6643

Overdraft Protection

As your trusted local bank, we understand unexpected expenses can lead to overdrafts on your account. That’s why we have an overdraft protection plan in place to help you combat the fees associated. Simply link your savings account to your checking account and anytime you are in danger of overdrafting, we automatically sweep available funds into your checking account to prevent an overdraft fee! It’s that easy. Link your accounts today and stay protected from unwanted overdraft fees.


  • Eliminates costly return-check fees
  • Prevent declined or returned checks
  • No charge when not used
  • $3 transaction fee per use
  • Automatic transfer to cover overdraft

Direct Deposit

You work hard for your money, so why wait to use it? With our free direct deposit service you can get your paychecks and other regularly scheduled payments automatically deposited into your Altoona First account and skip the hassle of waiting!


  • Free service
  • Ideal for paychecks, retirement checks, Social Security, etc.
  • Saves time; reduces trips to bank
  • Fast access to funds
  • Reduces paper waste

Safe Deposit Boxes

As your trusted local partner, we know that sometimes you need a little extra security to keep your assets safe. That’s why we offer safe deposit boxes in a variety of sizes at our Martinsburg Office, so you can have peace of mind with greater security for the items that matter most.


  • Protect against theft, loss, fire, water, and other damage
  • Same protection as bank’s own assets
  • Dual security of two-key system
  • Rental fees are pennies a day
  • Privacy when accessing your items
  • Various sizes available
  • Ideal for important documents, jewelry, heirlooms, photo/video, titles, and more

Notice: The contents of your safe deposit box are not insured against loss by Altoona First Savings Bank or FDIC. You may wish to obtain your own insurance on the contents of your box.

Teller Services

Stop by your local branch to use the following services:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money Orders

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